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Efficient Curtain Cleaning in Chelsea SW3

Curtain Cleaning in  Our service not only removes stains and clears dust and dirt deposits inside your curtains, but it also makes the textile shiny and fresh, covering it in a protective coating that prevents debris and contaminants from sticking. With us you will enjoy:

  • Cleaner air
  • Eco-friendly detergents
  • Fresh smelling household
  • Prolonged curtain life
  • Flexible appointments

For additional information on our cleaning service’s benefits just call our team on 020 3746 8241 and they will give answers to all of your queries.

Our Curtain Cleaning Benefits

Regular cleaning of your curtains will prevent dust settling, reduce the air particle levels dramatically and overall better the air quality in your household. If you want stains removed or just a regular cleaning, Local Cleaners Chelsea is your right choice.

Choose us and get the best quality-to-price ration for curtain cleaning in Chelsea SW3.

Service Information

Dry cleaning in Chelsea – allows us to properly clean your curtains without the chance of damaging or discolorations - quickly and efficiently. Because no moisture is used nor is heat generated this is the ideal treatment for silk and cotton curtains or people who are pressed with time and cannot wait for their curtains to dry. To properly apply our dry detergent we need to take your curtains down though we will put them back together just the way they were after the service. We apply the dust-like detergent on the affected area with a fine brush then vacuum everything out for perfect results. The treatment is designed to tackle wet and dry stains, successfully removing moisture from locations so it doesn’t damage the fibers.

Steam cleaning in Chelsea – is a mobile treatment that does not require the dismantlement of curtains, we can apply our steam and detergent on the curtains as they are allowing for a more flexible treatment altogether. We apply the specially chosen detergent with our fine steam brush, then extract all of the dislodge dirt along with 95% of the moisture by using our powerful vacuum machine. The treatment is quick and efficient.

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