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Rug Cleaning in  For the delicate materials in rugs, we have a special treatment that coats them in a protective layer, clearing away any dirt and debris that might linger inside, but do it gently and without damaging colours and pigmentation. With our service you will enjoy:

  • A nice, fresh smelling rug
  • Thorough, even cleaning
  • No discolorations
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fixed rates

With us, you will enjoy the gentle touch of your rugs once again, at the lowest rates around. Check back with us at 020 3746 8241 for more benefits and details on the ones listed.

Benefits of Our Good Rug Cleaning

We are experts in the cleaning and maintenance of exotic and expensive rugs and specialise in the care of synthetic and natural materials. A team of dedicated rug cleaners are at your disposal at all times. Local Cleaners Chelsea tackles every problem with a professionalism and an attitude for thorough but eco-friendly cleaning.

Rug Cleaning Methods

Dry cleaning in Chelsea – is our weapon of choice when battling wet and greasy stains, it is especially good when treating delicate materials that are easily damaged by water or heat like silk and cotton. It is also this treatment that we use when dealing with exotic rugs, covering the full cleaning and maintenance of such rugs using our special dry cleaning compounds. To properly clean the surface and base of your rugs we first vacuum to remove any debris that might linger on, then we apply the granulated detergent on the affected area and brush it into the fibers with a fine brush. This allows for a more thorough contact with stain, making it easier to be removed via vacuum.

Steam cleaning in Chelsea – tackles heavy stains successfully for a short time. It is quick and efficient. We pre-treat any stains that might take longer to remove, then we apply our steam jet onto the stain and remove it completely, only leaving you with a fresh and good to use rug.

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Feel the freshness of a recently cleaned rug, book us today by calling 020 3746 8241 and receive a free quote and exclusive information on our upcoming deals and customer offers. You can also contact us by joining our instant chat room or submitting a booking form which you can find on our web site. Our flexible booking and payment systems give you the ability to choose exactly when and how much we clean. Book Local Cleaners Chelsea today!

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